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 Serenity Salon Spa Suites Core Values:

Unity: Is being in harmony and agreement with one another.

Trust: Is knowing you can rely, count, and fall back-on each other.

Respect: Take each other’s feelings, needs, thoughts, ideas, wishes preferences into consideration.

Passion: Is the driving force behind the reason we do what we do.

Serenity Salon Spa and Suites Mission:

Our mission is to provide a warm inviting and comfortable environment to each of our guest. Everyone at Serenity Salon Spa and Suites has a passion about their work which drives us to achieve the highest standard of excellence for every one that visits us. Elements of Serenity Salon Spa and Suites is to relax and heal through integration of mind, body, spirt and emotional well-being. Each beauty specialist brings their passion, unique skills, personal touch and understanding to ensure each individual guest receives a signature experience.